I write because I want my kids to believe in the impossible. I never want them to run out of stories that fill them with hope, inspiration, and wonder. I want them to see that they can do whatever they want to do with their lives. I write with the hopes of changing hearts, and opening minds. It’s not about sales, it’s about impact. If my works made you question yourself, or the way the world works even just a little bit, then I know I did my job. Thank you for being here and looking around! ~M.O.

Book 1 – The Oracle

“A wonderful introduction to a new author with a style all his own. In a world of cookie cutter Fantasy, The Oracle is pleasantly unique.”

Book 2 – Coming Soon

Face the past… Survive the present… Change the future…

Join Nodiah and her new Master Keelin as they journey through the Southern Pass, searching for a way to confirm Nodiah is who they think she is… a Sky Dancer.

She is free from the clutches of the King of Torek for the first time, and suddenly is thrust into positions of power and importance… The only question is, is any of it true? Sky Dancer? White Wolf? Or just a slave being strung along?…

Keelin gives up everything to become her Black Wolf and protect her on her journey. He never expected that it would become just as much about finding himself, and facing his past as well. He struggles to tame the wild Nodiah, and his own thirst for revenge. Can he hold it together enough to help her find The Creators?

Book 1 of the White Wolf Series is the tip of the iceberg.

Book 2 coming Summer 2021

An Odd Request

Nodiah’s Song

Nodiah has always loved to dance. It’s the only time she feels free, and in control of herself. This new Wolf however seems to have a twisted sense of humor. His first request of her as slave, is to sing. Just because a person can dance, doesn’t mean they can sing… They aren’t the same… She complies however. She must.

There was a girl made of sand, She could break and she could bend.
She did not fear his cruel hand,
And her cracks he could not mend.
She bowed and obeyed his every command
She never wavered in his demands.
But he could not lift the stains from her heart
His will to break her was doomed for the start.

Of the four Chosen of the Creators, the Fire Breathers have the most reputation for violence. Ask one about it however, and they may try and tell you that ashes make fertile soil.

The Wolves are all put on trial, and then assigned a color based on their results. Each color specializes in one aspect of helping the pack. The Blue’s deal with all things magic!


The Wolves of Dacaigh

Led by Keelin, Fulgrim, and Rowan

There must always be three Alpha’s, though if circumstances arise, there can be more. No one knows exactly when the Earth Sculptors carved their home into the side of the mountain, but the Wolves have always been here as far as anyone can remember.

Fire Breathers

Passionate people, who see the duality in the flames. Fire is capable of destruction, but is also necessary for life. It can destroy, or strengthen. The Creators will return on the back of a Dragon to show them exactly what to do with it.

Water Walkers

Philosophers and poets, they have a deep understanding of the ebbs and flows of the world. They are explorers, using their seafaring skills to their advantage. The Creators will return to them as a Giant Whale, and carry them off to an eternal paradise that’s not on any map.

Earth Sculptors

Builders, mathematicians, and logic driven folk, the Earth Sculptors built most of the major buildings, statues, and wonders of the World. They believe the Creators will return as a giant Gopher, and dig a hole down to an eternal paradise that exists deep within the planet core.

Sky Dancers

Intentional, purpose driven artists, every move Sky Dancers make is with the least resistance possible. They feel the air around them, and the strongest could move the air around them. They are sensitive, observant, and graceful, normally marked with a bright, unique physical feature. They believe the Creators will return as a Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

A new twist on Fantasy adventure. It teeters on the line of believable, and gives you just the right taste of magic.”

“Unique and refreshing both in pacing and style.”


“I’m almost done with this one, so you better get the next one done soon!”

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