The Pondering of a Lone Wolf

Final Steps

Anticipation and patience have probably been my two biggest lessons in 2020. I’ve been looking forward to a lot of things. I’ve had to patiently wait out a lot of things as well. Now in these final few weeks before publication, I find myself waiting. I’m anxious to share this world that I think is […]

More twists and turns

This past Thursday, we welcomed Caleb into the world. It wasn’t without its own drama however. Someday I may write about those minutes between watching my wife roll out of the room, and waiting until I heard something…. Now we are adjusting, and the book is in the home stretch. I’ve had really positive feedback, […]

An unexpected twist

Not totally unexpected, but Wednesday evening my wife was admitted for what we thought was the start of labor. Nearly 20 hours later… And we’re still waiting. When my mom passed, I immediately began thinking about what I want to leave behind. These moments waiting for the birth of my son create a lot of […]

First time jitters

So if you were to go online and search for publishing options… There’s a lot. There’s a lot of opinions on the ceilings for a first book and what it’s actually meant to do. There’s lots of opinions on everything… What I will say is that if you write your first book intending to instantly […]

Reacting to Reactions

I posted a scene through Facebook, and my immediate reaction was that there were typos, but there doesn’t seem to be much backlash for that at least! It is a violent scene however, where Nodiah and Keelin are having a physical altercation. It didn’t hit my mind as “abuse” because I have the entire context […]

The Beginning of the End

So I’ll have more to say soon, but I just wanted to walk through this process from having a finished first draft in hand, to editing and proof reading and fixing and changing. Then there’s the illustrator and the book cover, and then publishing that first copy and holding it in your hands. Then the […]

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