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Matt Oakley – First time Novelist, life long writer

I am a mid 30’s father of three, working on my first book series. I may be new to the world of novels, but I have been writing and creating characters my entire life. Whether its unfinished stories, poems, or simply Dungeons and Dragons quests, creating worlds for others to dive into is something that I love to do.

I lost my mother in January 2020, possibly to Covid-19. She was my biggest cheerleader and supporter in so many ways. I’m adopted, and it wasn’t until I became a father that our bond really took off. Her death was the inspiration I needed for this series. It shifted my understanding of priorities and time, and left me thinking about how I wanted to make my impact on the world. The main word that came to mind is legacy.

These books I hope will become my legacy. Obviously my family and my kids first, but these are something that I created, and poured my heart into. I hope it makes you question some things in your own life, and these characters make an impact on you.

In my free time, I like to play video games, DnD, watch professional wrestling, and hang out with my family. I’m a restaurant manager by day however, so there isn’t a whole lot of free time to be had!!!

I believe everyone has a story to tell, but not always someone to listen. You never know how incredible the stories and lives of the people around you are until you’re willing to listen to them. You’ll be surprised how much their stories can change yours.