Keelin – (Picture may change)

One of three Alpha’s of the Wolves, Keelin is a man seeking vengeance, redemption, and something to believe in. He never thought that something would be a slave girl in the castle of King Malachi.

Early 30’s, jet black hair usually slicked back, with scruffy facial hair and determined brown eyes. Keelin isn’t the biggest Wolf, but everyone knows he has the bite to back up his bark.

Nodiah – (Picture May Change)

Nodiah has danced for as long as she could remember. Something about the music has always penetrated straight to her soul. Nodiah has also been a slave inside the castle walls of Torek for as long as she could remember. She wasn’t sure when she arrived, but she had little hope of ever leaving. She never got to perform for herself, or decide for herself, or even figure out who “herself” really was… until he showed up. Now it turns out she may be more than she ever could imagine.

Mid 20’s, medium height, with a dancers build. Her body is sculpted both from the strength and flexibility to dance like she does, and the scars from all she has survived so far. Her most defining features are her fire red hair, and bright blue eyes, both stand out in the Southern Pass.

Jaz – Jaz and her men, affectionately known as the Sea Hawks, have a reputation for their aggressive and merciless nature. Jaz is a cunning Captain, who knows how to manipulate a room.

She rose to Captain at a young age, by killing the former Captain of the Vendetta for very personal reasons. She has earned the loyalty of her crew by consistently leading them to big paydays. She is not one to be underestimated… ever.

Bronze skin, long dark hair usually in dreadlocks, and an hourglass figure. Jaz knows how to handle a sword, along with several other weapons. Her biggest weapon however is her mind.


Strom – A mountain of a man, 7′ tall and 300lbs, Strom has used his physical status to carry him through lots of situations in life, but it’s also put a target on his back. He’s battle tested, and ready to take on a role that he believes he deserves… Alpha.



The Queen

King Malachi

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