First time jitters

So if you were to go online and search for publishing options… There’s a lot. There’s a lot of opinions on the ceilings for a first book and what it’s actually meant to do. There’s lots of opinions on everything…

What I will say is that if you write your first book intending to instantly become rich, good luck. There’s a very small profit margin on a book.

I say that to say this. That’s not why I’m writing these books. I’ve had some feedback on the excerpts I posted on Facebook and it has truly blown me away to see people relate to Nodiah in these intense moments, and feel what she’s feeling. Fear not, even though this story is told from two perspectives this is very much her redemption story.

If you go down the road of self publishing, just do your homework. Don’t just jump on Amazon and not know what you’re getting into. There’s A LOT of ways to publish. Just make sure you do the one that meets your goals.


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