Why the delays?

The original plan was to ship out books to the giveaway winner, and immediately get cracking on book 2 so it would be out this summer. But things don’t always go to plan.

Once the Oracle came out, my local post office went to battle with me over the correct way to ship a book. International shipping labels were always wrong. The postage was wrong. The addresses were wrong. That coupled with lackluster sales and slow feedback in spite of investing considerable time and finances into the project left me… Defeated.

I started… And scrapped the start of book 2 twice. I just didn’t believe in it. I didn’t LOVE it. So I restarted. Earlier this year, my 18 year old nephew was tragically killed by a truck while he was out riding his bike with a friend.

That coupled with some personal struggles, anxiety, and doubt… Left me without the motivation to continue. That’s exactly why I’m going forward.

My entire life, I have struggled with being enough… With my own doubts and insecurities… With trying to establish who I really am… And figuring out ways to be that person. We spend so much time in scenarios where we simply can’t be ourselves

That’s what The White Wolf series brings out. The confusion and chaos of establishing identity and then not letting anyone take it away from you. Entangled between a love story, a power struggle, and a fantasy adventure, is a tale of self-worth.

That’s what will come out of the Hour of Dog and Wolf… And I can’t wait to share it.

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