Final Steps

Anticipation and patience have probably been my two biggest lessons in 2020. I’ve been looking forward to a lot of things. I’ve had to patiently wait out a lot of things as well. Now in these final few weeks before publication, I find myself waiting. I’m anxious to share this world that I think is pretty cool. I have no idea what to expect though, and not knowing is simultaneously exhilarating and nerve wracking!

I hope it sells. I hope it does well. I’ve been building an amazing following. 500+ on Facebook which sounds small, but I think is pretty cool. I’m trying to avoid messing with it too much. There is such a thing as over-editing. I want it to breathe, and speak the way I originally intended it to. Even if it doesn’t follow all the rules. So I’m starting Book 2, just so I have something else to focus on.

But in the meantime, I’m waiting, and anticipating, and yet whatever happens I know it will be worth the wait. Thanks for the love! Have an amazing day.


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