The Week After

It’s still amazing to hold this book in my hands. It’s truly an accomplishment just to get this far, and I’ll never lose sight of that. Marketing however, is tricky. I’ve tried Amazon ads, Facebook ads, Bookbub, IngramSpark Advance, Twitter ads, and none have truly warranted any results. I did the research, and looked at making sure my targeting was right, my content was right, and I had plenty of exposure. Most of the ads I chose are pay per click, which means they’re getting to my landing page to buy the book… and then not buying it.

So I changed the price! We’ll see if maybe I just outshot the market. There’s so many free E-Books out there, maybe I just outshot my market. Exposure is what matters with a first book right? Get it seen, build a fan base, and get people excited for book 2.

That would be my advice. The 20 copies I’ve sold have mostly been to myself, family, and friends, and there aren’t many left who don’t have it. Seeing day after day go by where I’m spending hours and money on marketing and yet not making sales are frustrating… but it’s book 1. The fact that it’s in anyone’s hands is the reward! And I have a long way to go. It’s only been out a week.

I think when it comes to something like this, we all set high goals, and have high expectations. It’s just important to remember that getting this far is already a win. I’ll keep fine tuning, and marketing, but I’m really ready to start pressing in to Book 2. The Oracle was an introduction to my writing style, but it was written for me. Book 2… New goals… Big plans… Stay Tuned.

As always, thank you for the support!


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