First and foremost sorry for the long delay between posts here! It’s been a roller coaster of emotion and experience over the Holiday season. As I’ve said before, my mom is the reason this book was finished. We just moved past the one year anniversary of her passing, and it genuinely feels like a weight has been lifted. Now that the holidays, and birthdays, and special events are over, I’m really excited to get Book 2 finished, and get it out to you guys!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway on IG and Facebook! I had a lot of people question if it was a scam, or if I was just hunting for information, which is a little disheartening. People don’t trust people anymore. I genuinely believe this book can help people who are struggling with defining themselves, and may be lost behind a world of labels, stereotypes, and peer pressure. You get to decide who you are. No one else.

If you’re one of those people, watch In and Of Itself on Hulu. I promise you it’ll change your life. It’s just one of the most impactful, profound experiences I’ve ever had the joy of watching!

I really truly am diving off the deep end with writing now. I’m trying out so many things to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I’m really working on improving my craft, and growing through the experiences as well.

Lots of people are going through lots of things right now, but just remember you’re going through it. You aren’t stuck, there is an end, and you’ll get there.


It’s still amazing to hold this book in my hands. It’s truly an accomplishment just to get this far, and I’ll never lose sight of that. Marketing however, is tricky. I’ve tried Amazon ads, Facebook ads, Bookbub, IngramSpark Advance, Twitter ads, and none have truly warranted any results. I did the research, and looked at making sure my targeting was right, my content was right, and I had plenty of exposure. Most of the ads I chose are pay per click, which means they’re getting to my landing page to buy the book… and then not buying it.

So I changed the price! We’ll see if maybe I just outshot the market. There’s so many free E-Books out there, maybe I just outshot my market. Exposure is what matters with a first book right? Get it seen, build a fan base, and get people excited for book 2.

That would be my advice. The 20 copies I’ve sold have mostly been to myself, family, and friends, and there aren’t many left who don’t have it. Seeing day after day go by where I’m spending hours and money on marketing and yet not making sales are frustrating… but it’s book 1. The fact that it’s in anyone’s hands is the reward! And I have a long way to go. It’s only been out a week.

I think when it comes to something like this, we all set high goals, and have high expectations. It’s just important to remember that getting this far is already a win. I’ll keep fine tuning, and marketing, but I’m really ready to start pressing in to Book 2. The Oracle was an introduction to my writing style, but it was written for me. Book 2… New goals… Big plans… Stay Tuned.

As always, thank you for the support!


Anticipation and patience have probably been my two biggest lessons in 2020. I’ve been looking forward to a lot of things. I’ve had to patiently wait out a lot of things as well. Now in these final few weeks before publication, I find myself waiting. I’m anxious to share this world that I think is pretty cool. I have no idea what to expect though, and not knowing is simultaneously exhilarating and nerve wracking!

I hope it sells. I hope it does well. I’ve been building an amazing following. 500+ on Facebook which sounds small, but I think is pretty cool. I’m trying to avoid messing with it too much. There is such a thing as over-editing. I want it to breathe, and speak the way I originally intended it to. Even if it doesn’t follow all the rules. So I’m starting Book 2, just so I have something else to focus on.

But in the meantime, I’m waiting, and anticipating, and yet whatever happens I know it will be worth the wait. Thanks for the love! Have an amazing day.


This past Thursday, we welcomed Caleb into the world. It wasn’t without its own drama however. Someday I may write about those minutes between watching my wife roll out of the room, and waiting until I heard something….

Now we are adjusting, and the book is in the home stretch. I’ve had really positive feedback, cleaned up the mistakes, and I’m considering adding a scene… But it feels good as is. More for book 2… Which I’ll probably start soon.

I’m hoping election night stays reasonable and peaceful. It truly feels like a powder keg about to be lit. I hope everyone stays safe, and remembers to love first!


Not totally unexpected, but Wednesday evening my wife was admitted for what we thought was the start of labor. Nearly 20 hours later… And we’re still waiting.

When my mom passed, I immediately began thinking about what I want to leave behind. These moments waiting for the birth of my son create a lot of those same feelings. There’s a desire to give him more than I had. I want him to reach his full potential, and not be afraid of the adventure in front of him.

I think some of that comes out in the book, and I can’t wait to get that finished and in the hands of some beta readers, but for now, I’m awaiting a brand new character in my story. He’s just making a dramatic entrance…

So if you were to go online and search for publishing options… There’s a lot. There’s a lot of opinions on the ceilings for a first book and what it’s actually meant to do. There’s lots of opinions on everything…

What I will say is that if you write your first book intending to instantly become rich, good luck. There’s a very small profit margin on a book.

I say that to say this. That’s not why I’m writing these books. I’ve had some feedback on the excerpts I posted on Facebook and it has truly blown me away to see people relate to Nodiah in these intense moments, and feel what she’s feeling. Fear not, even though this story is told from two perspectives this is very much her redemption story.

If you go down the road of self publishing, just do your homework. Don’t just jump on Amazon and not know what you’re getting into. There’s A LOT of ways to publish. Just make sure you do the one that meets your goals.


I posted a scene through Facebook, and my immediate reaction was that there were typos, but there doesn’t seem to be much backlash for that at least! It is a violent scene however, where Nodiah and Keelin are having a physical altercation. It didn’t hit my mind as “abuse” because I have the entire context in my mind. For anyone who I upset or offended that comes across this I apologize. I do think you’ll find that Nodiah, in spite of her position, is far from a victim. This is a tale of her finding her own strength, not in titles or powers, but in herself.

Overall, I’m humbled by the responses and I can’t wait to share more!! Thank you all.

So I’ll have more to say soon, but I just wanted to walk through this process from having a finished first draft in hand, to editing and proof reading and fixing and changing. Then there’s the illustrator and the book cover, and then publishing that first copy and holding it in your hands. Then the first sale!!! There’s so much, and I don’t really know what to expect. Getting here has been a journey as well, and it’s one I look forward to sharing.